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At Point Walter Pharmacy we are committed to providing the very best therapy options and outcomes for our customers. As compounding chemists we work in close collaboration with both the prescriber and the patient to deliver quality compounded formulations to enhance the health and well being of our customers by customising prescriptions to meet specific patient needs, providing expanded treatment options and solving challenging medication requirements which are not met by off-the-shelf products.

Compounding Applications

Because patients vary in size, symptoms and treatment compliance, commercially available medications often do not provide an appropriate solution. With compounding we can customise a medication to the exact requirements of the patient and the treatment regimen in many applications including:

  • Hormone Therapy: In Bio-Identical Natural HRT, male hormone replacement and adrenal and thyroid treatments hormone preparations can be made in a variety of strengths and dosage forms including capsules, topical or transdermal creams and gels and sublingual troches.
  • Supplements: We can make multi-vitamin and mineral formulations specific to your needs as determined by your doctor.
  • Pain Management: As well as providing custom dosage strengths we can also provide alternate methods of delivery by combining the ingredients of traditional oral pain medications in a topical creams that can be applied directly to the site of the pain or in flavoured troches thus bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, providing optimal results with less GI irritation.
  • Special Patient Requirements: For patients with allergies or intolerances we can prepare lactose- and gelatin-free capsules. We can also prepare custom suspensions and mixtures for patients that have problems swallowing traditional tablets or capsules, add flavours to enhance palatability or provide custom combinations in a single capsule to improve compliance.
  • Veterinary: Animals can be extremely difficult to treat with standard medications. We can prepare flavoured suspensions, or a gel that can be applied to an ear with an amount of active ingredient that is exactly right for your pet’s size and condition.

Our qualified pharmacists are always available to discuss how compounding can help with your specific requirements. Contact us at the pharmacy for more information.

Quality Assured

Point Walter Pharmacy is a member of PCCA, a professional body with more than 3,500 members around the world in the USA, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our compounding pharmacists and all our lab technicians have received extensive ACPE-accredited training at the PCCA labs and keep up-to-date with the latest research and technology at seminars and conferences. Our lab uses state of the art technology and only the finest pharmaceutical ingredients from PCCA and other quality manufacturers.

Common Questions

What is Compounding?
Pharmacy Compounding is the customised preparation of medications for patients. Historically most medications were compounded but with the growth in drug  manufacturing the pharmacist typically became a dispenser of medications. Compounding has experienced a resurgence however as pharmacists have taken advantage of advanced technology and research that allows them to better customise medications to meet specific patient needs.

How can it help me?
Compounding can meet your special needs. We can change the strength of a medication, add a flavour to make it more palatable or alter its form to make it easier to use, for example as a lozenge or troche, a cream or gel, or make a suspension or syrup instead of standard tablets.

Is it safe?
Yes. All our pharmacists and lab staff have received professionally accredited training, we use quality assured raw materials and our compounding lab is run in compliance with all West Australian health authority requirements.

What about cost?
Compounding may or may not cost more than a conventional medication depending on the type of dosage form and equipment required.
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