Compounding Network For Pharmacists

Your Compounding Network in Perth

Please note that our compounding network in Perth is for pharmacy professionals only.
Patients looking for compounding services can access these here

Partnership Benefits

More Customers

Retain your existing customers and recruit new ones with this additional service. Customers still visit your pharmacy to present their compounding script, receive counselling by the pharmacist, and collect compounding medicine in-store.

Additional Sales Opportunities

Most customers will visit the pharmacy twice; to present the prescription and upon collection of the medicine. This provides opportunities to interact with customers for additional sales of vitamins, Health & Well-being categories. Our experience shows that compounding clients tend to be motivated to improve health through supplementation and health programmes.
<h4style=”margin-bottom:20px;”>Additional Professional Service

This partnership will add to your current professional services allowing your patients access to quality, compounded medications.

Opportunity to grow Interprofessional Relationships

Your pharmacists will have the opportunity to strengthen existing and develop new interprofessional collaborations with local practitioners (e.g. GP, vet, dermatologist, paediatrician) through this new service (and grow your business).

No set-up costs e.g. facilities, equipment, ingredients, training and regulations

Increase profit opportunity

This service will give you the opportunity to fill compounding prescriptions and avoid sending customers elsewhere.


compounding pharmacy in perth - Point Walter Pharmacy


Why Choose Us?

Point Walter Pharmacy, Bicton was founded by Pharmacist Theo Naarstig in 2002. We have compounding experience for over 17 years and five of our pharmacists have completed compounding training with PCCA (Professional Compounding Centres of America). Our focus is on compounding medications; we are not in competition with your pharmacy.

We specialise in:

    • Unavailable medications: Talk to us about compounding opportunities for discontinued and out-of-stock medications
    • Paediatric formulations: Available in various flavours and free from preservatives and colours
    • Alternative dosage forms: Available in smaller capsules, different strengths, troches and topical applications
    • Medications without additives: To suit various intolerances and allergies such as lactose, gluten and soy
    • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • Veterinary medicines
    • Pain management solutions

Quick Turnaround

We fill most prescriptions in 24-48 hours and post the order via Australia Post’s Express Next day Delivery Service. You will receive most orders within 48 hours.

Reliable Service

We are an owner-operated pharmacy and employ a team of experienced pharmacists and technicians. We always have a minimum of four pharmacists on duty to offer advice and answer your questions. We supply patient information leaflets also.

Easy Ordering

You can submit your patient’s script and order via email.

Free Delivery

We do not charge delivery (except for any PBS orders).

Your Part

check icon- Point Walter Pharmacy   Advertise the service in your store and online platforms.
check icon- Point Walter Pharmacy   Offer and recommend our compounding service to your customers.
check icon- Point Walter Pharmacy   Manage the process of getting compounding scripts filled by emailing the order and providing patient counselling.
check icon- Point Walter Pharmacy   Connect with your local practitioner to increase compounding opportunities.

Contact Us
John or Nila
08 9438 2285

The Maz Mixing Machine

The MAZ Mixing Machine is now available and being used at Point Walter Pharmacy. It’s a revolutionary mixer ideal for topicals, liquids, creams, and powders.
Please watch the video below for more information.