Easy & Efficient E-scripts in Bicton, Perth

If you are a new or existing Point Walter Pharmacy customer with regular medication needs, why not take advantage of E-scripts in Bicton, Perth?

What is an electronic prescription?

An electronic prescription is a digital version of a paper prescription. During your consultation, your healthcare provider or doctor can send your electronic prescription to you as an SMS or email. Alternatively,ask your doctor to email the prescription directly to Point Walter Pharmacy for dispensing in advance if you like.

What are the benefits?

All medicines in Australia can be prescribed using an electronic prescription. A message with a link to your electronic prescription will be emailed to you and can be stored on your electronic device, so you can access it whenever you’re ready – saving you time, streamlining the process and improving overall medicine safety. We can manage your repeat prescriptions also – ask us!

How to get an electronic prescription

During a consultation, your doctor will send your electronic prescription to you as an SMS or an email, you can then take it to your pharmacy or send it to them to get your medication dispensed. If you have repeat prescriptions, a new SMS or email will be sent to you when you get your medicine from the pharmacy ensuring that your next order is ready on time.
E-scripts - Point Walter Pharmacy

How to get your medicines

After your consultation and once you have received your electronic prescription, you will have two options to get your medicines.

Collecting your medicine in person

Simply bring your electronic prescription to our pharmacy so that it can be scanned and dispensed by a pharmacist

Getting your medicine delivered

For home delivery, forward the SMS or email to our pharmacy or order through the MedAdvisor App and we will package and deliver your medications. Please note that a delivery fee of $10.95 will apply for all orders under $150. We have a free delivery on weekdays for elderly or very ill patients within 3km of the pharmacy. To know more about script requests and getting your medication, click here.

Make medication easier and order your prescription from Point Walter Pharmacy today!

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