MedAdvisor App

Manage Your Prescriptions with MedAdvisor

Download the MedAdvisor App to stay connected with your prescriptions through Point Walter Pharmacy and let us take care of your medication for you. It’s entirely free!

You can keep a full list of your medications in the app, track the number of days’ supply remaining, and you’ll receive automated reminders that let you know when it’s time to order a repeat prescription. Then, you can place an order with us with ease. Your prescription order can be placed 24/7, and we will receive it when we are next open. You can manage your medication when it suits you.

The app also has a carer mode which allows you to manage prescriptions for someone you care for, such as children or the elderly, and vice versa.

You’ll receive a notification when your medication is ready to collect. You can even pay for your medication beforehand using the app !

Download the MedAdvisor App Today

Download the MedAdvisor App today to start managing your prescriptions with ease!

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